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ACC Art Books

ACC Art Books - Bangkok Street Art and Graffiti

ACC Art Books - Bangkok Street Art and Graffiti

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Documenting an alternative history and social commentary by Bangkok's graffiti and street artists, this insightful and thought-provoking books offers fresh insight into Thai subcultures. Not given a platform elsewhere, street art and graffiti gives the opportunity to protest the social injustices they encounter. Through their art, they speak out against dictators and the political elite, as well as the extensive gentrification sweeping Bangkok. In addition, this book is the only visual record of (what was sarcastically named) "Thailand's Stonehenge": standing pillars covered in graffiti along the abandoned Hopewell elevated rail line that was supposed to link the city to the airport, a $3 billion dollar project begun in 1990 and mired in corruption. The pillars - the only part of the project that was built - represent the overwhelming corruption that marks the past 20 years in Thailand. They are scheduled to be demolished this year.

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Product Details:

  • Published 6/7/2022
  • 6.69 in x 9.45 inch
  • 256 Pages
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